Tanker 4

This truck is the largest truck we have in service at Southwest Bell. Tanker 4 has a water capacity of 5,000 gallons which is pulled by a semi truck. Because of the rural setting of our fire district, this is one of the most important assets in the fleet. There are only two tankers of this size in operation in Bell County. One is in operation with the Troy VFD and the other with us.

Because water is a major asset in a rural area, we have mutual aid agreements to dispatch this truck outside of our fire district should another fire department need additional water. The closest available tanker of this size is at Oakalla VFD in Burnet County. With a top speed of 60 MPH, this truck is not our fastest nor is it our first due truck on any scene.

This truck plays a critical support role but can also be used as a last line of defense as a hasty fire fighting truck to defend structures. Without this truck Southwest Bell and much of the rural Bell County would have a difficult time providing service to area residents.

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